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Thomas D. Johnson, CLMS


Vice President of Sales - Independent Medical Examination (IME) division, Genex Services

Summary of Qualifications

Based near Raleigh, NC, Mr. Johnson has practiced system design throughout his personal and professional life, including in the IME arena. A public speaker and writer, he draws upon his diverse experiences to apply permaculture design to many aspects of business and life. 


Mr. Johnson leads Genex Services sales efforts for independent medical evaluations, peer reviews, and other related products.

Business Expertise

Mr. Johnson has worked in a wide variety of roles including sales, marketing, operations, finance, procurement, information technology and engineering design.  With experience in the telecommunications, permaculture design and insurance services industries, Mr. Johnson has worked for companies of both the sole proprietorship and multinational corporation variety. This diversity of experience has led to a well-developed approach to problem solving and system design.


Thomas Johnson has a B.S. in mechanical engineering and an MBA from the University of Oxford. He has completed two permaculture design certification (PDC) courses, holds an amateur extra class radio license with the Federal Communications Commission, and has earned the certified leave management specialist (CLMS) designation. 



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