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Terri Evans

Terri has worked with the City of Kingsport’s risk management program in a variety of positions since 1987 and as risk manager since January 2001. Kingsport’s services include police, fire, fleet maintenance, streets, sanitation, recycling, water, sewer, parks (including a 4,000 acre nature preserve), transit and schools for a 50,000+ citizen base. Terri’s responsibilities include self-funded health insurance and wellness program, on-site employee wellness clinic, self-funded workers’ compensation, large self-insured retention pooled liability program, property/casualty and occupational safety & health. She has developed internal cost allocation systems for each area of responsibility, and provides these services for both the general government and the city’s K-12 school system. Terri served as president of the Public Risk Management Association (PRIMA), the premier international organization serving the educational needs of public risk management professionals, from 2016-17. She was honored to be the recipient of the Tennessee chapter of PRIMA’s 2012 Risk Manager of the Year Award and the 2016 Abbie Hudgens Distinguished Service Award.  


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