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J.J. Schmidt


Senior Vice President, York Risk Services - CareWorks Managed Care

Summary of Qualifications

J.J. has spent nearly 25 years in the P&C Insurance domain working in a variety of positions. His experience has covered a number of different areas including managed care, information technology, project management, operations management and sales.


J.J. Schmidt is senior vice president of CareWorks, the managed care division of York Risk Services Group, Inc. He oversees TeamComp, York’s approach to managing workers’ compensation claims that combines sophisticated data analytics, medical and claims expertise and adaptive technology to improve claims outcomes and lower costs. He is responsible for developing the algorithms that drive TeamComp as well as identifying emerging trends and future cost drivers.  He works on integration of managed care services with York's claim operations to ensure effective and efficient use of these services to deliver maximum benefits. J.J. is also responsible for identifying and developing new managed care services for Care Works and York's claim operations.


Bachelor of Arts - The Catholic University of America (Washington, D.C.)

Master of Business Administration - St. Thomas University (Miami, Florida)

ABD/PhD Candidate - Information Systems and Business Analytics - Florida International University (Miami, Florida)


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