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Charlie Wund


President/CEO, Agency for Student Health Research

Summary of Qualifications

Charlie Wund is the founder & president of the Agency for Student Health Research, a company dedicated to achieving the safest possible environment for all children through InjureFree. He dedicates his efforts towards promoting injury prevention within the pediatric population. This passion stems from his experiences as an NCAA athlete in the sports of football, lacrosse and rugby. He was also an athletic administrator for over ten years at the youth sports, high school and non-profit levels.


Charlie is responsible for the overall performance and direction of the Agency for Student Health Research. On a daily basis, he works with policy makers, administrators and caregivers within  pediatric populations and assists with streamlining the work flow surrounding student accident reporting. Additionally, he helps educational organizations drive compliance with state mandates surrounding concussions.  

He is also responsible for the development of technology solutions aimed at the reduction of administrative burden placed on educators, volunteers and administrators through the student accident reporting process and claims management. 

Business Experience

Charlie founded the Agency for Student Health Research in 2010.


Charlie earned his BA in education from Marietta College and REFP from San Diego State University.



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