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What to Know When Establishing an On-Site Health Center

Posted by Terri Evans on March 26, 2019 at 1:07 PM

Why Launch an On-Site Health Center?

One reason for establishing an on-site health center is the desire to manage health care costs and some occupational medicine services (e.g. return-to-work evaluations). The availability of an on-site health center also grants you the capacity to work within your workers’ compensation or on-the-job injury program. An on-site health center can help slow the rate of health plan cost increases, help manage chronic diseases and aid in emphasizing workplace wellness.

What Services Can an Entity Expect from a Clinic Provider?

Most clinics can provide general primary physician services, which can include performing physicals and administering flu shots. Some may also have a dispensary, which differs from a pharmacy. A dispensary offers non-narcotic medication at either no cost or a low cost to employees. Employers typically have some input as to what medications will be offered by the clinic. Clinic providers can also conduct laboratory analysis, from which findings are typically sent to a third party for further examination.

How Would an Entity Go About Choosing a Provider?

As an organization or entity, it is highly important to compare the actual cost under your health insurance plan to the cost from a clinic provider. If possible, a vital step in the comparison involves inspecting detailed and specific costs within your plan, including, but not limited to, costs for primary care and urgent care visits.

Seeing as there is a vast array of clinic service models to choose from, it is imperative to determine what you want from your provider in order to select the most suitable service for your entity. For instance, one provider may supply both the clinic and health services but requires an oftentimes expensive administrative fee. Another provider may supply only the clinic, effectively placing the entity in charge of finding a third-party that provides the health services.

Be sure to take some serious time considering how an on-site health center will benefit your entity. There is no guarantee that it will save you large amounts of money. Quality control is key when searching for consistent providers and ensuring that safeguards are in place with regards to facility oversight, regulation compliance, regular audits and training of clinic personnel.