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Wellness-Based Safety

Posted by Jay Jones on January 28, 2020 at 2:12 PM

A couple of common attributes found in wellness and safety programs is sustained proactivity and the awareness of measures that ensure or enhance the quality of life for all employees within the organization or entity. Wellness-enhanced safety programs are associated with taking a hands-on and active approach to injury prevention. It is important to inform all individuals involved with the organization, whether it be long-term or temporary employees, that wellness and safety measures should ultimately begin to be taken before the work day even begins.

One of the major benefits that can result by establishing an effective wellness-based safety program is fewer workers’ compensation claims resulting from happier and healthier workers. This, in turn, increases workplace morale, better production and better quality of work. Even though there may be inherent benefits that a wellness-based safety program can deliver, the program must still receive buy-in from staff and management. Structuring the program in coordination with OSHA guidelines erects a sturdy foundation to receive the go-ahead from decision-makers within the organization.