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Web-Based Safety/HR Training 

Posted by Gregg Juster on July 14, 2018 at 10:34 PM

Web-based safety training affords both private and public entities the opportunity to salvage employees’ ability to work without traveling long distances for training, therefore saving copious amounts of time and money. For instance, one county that was part of a Webnet study was able to save half a million dollars in lost employee productivity after five years of utilizing an online safety training platform.

Programs designed for employees to learn via the internet offer insight into health and safety practices that are applicable to your entity. These online programs track who has taken and/or completed a given training, as well as who completed the tests that supplement the information taught during the training. This presents an outlet to reinforce the principles and other information gathered from the training.

It is also important to understand that not all training can be done online. For example, sections of the training that require written or typed responses may be taken remotely, however, demonstrations involving how to safely operate a forklift will still need to be conducted in person.

Scheduling and management of the trainings can be tasked to the online program, as opposed to Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) personnel and risk managers bearing the burden of directly creating and developing the programs themselves, in turn diminishing their workload. As a result, online training provides a more efficient means for risk managers to monitor employees and ensure that best practices and safety measures are being taken into account.