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Tips And Resources To Manage Through The Covid - 19 Crisis

Posted by Marco Guardi on March 14, 2020 at 2:47 PM

In addition to the CDC guidance on pandemic plans, your entity or organization should have a continuity of operations plan when faced with such a crisis.

With regards to the education sector, a continuation plan may include home-based activities for K – 12 as well as some online instruction and/or programs. If there has been a contamination in a specific education location, options may include use of an alternate location with access to full instructional content.

Things to consider amidst the COVID-19 crisis:

  • School calendar changes
  • Employees’ concerns when operating within an organization
  • Who is at risk and how can they work from home or remotely?
  • Detailed communication to all stakeholders

Due to the current status of this pandemic, it is important to look not only to the CDC but your state and local health departments as well. It is also imperative to consider employee welfare, human resources and payroll options when managing and monitoring your entity during a long-term virus pandemic interruption. Keeping yourself and employees safe is vital, therefore, be sure to check and see how employees are processing the current events. For instance, do they have family members that are at a higher risk in another part of the country? Are employees able to set up a proper work station from home?