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Things to Consider When Creating an Accident Review Panel

Posted by Juli Tomlin on September 15, 2016 at 12:00 AM

An Accident Review Panel Brings Awareness

Having an accident review panel within your entity has the ability to bring awareness while providing standard reviews across your departments. Not only does it require your drivers to be held accountable but will also help keep your records in order.

In Gainesville, Georgia, after implementing an accident review panel, Juli’s entity saw a 35% reduction in auto accidents in the first 2 years. The panel has been able to identify certain accident trends - for example, when the highest rate of accidents tend to occur throughout the year. This has allowed them to provide resources and safety training before those time periods in order to avoid future accidents.

Who Should Be Included in an Accident Review Panel

  • Individuals who can lend credibility to the panel (for example, a department director);
  • A police officer for investigations, accurate findings and reassurance; and
  • A safety community member to tie in the overall safety of the department.

Each individual must be able to be fair, impartial and trustworthy with confidential information. An interest in reducing company liability is also a plus.

Before creating an accident review panel, it is recommended that the organization consults with their attorney for guidance and to determine whether or not the panel should be open to the public or private. To avoid any legal issues, it is best that this and other important information be included in the panel's policy, terms and conditions.