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PRIMA Institute 2017

Posted by Marilyn Rivers on May 31, 2017 at 12:18 PM

The director of risk and safety for the City of Saratoga Springs, Marilyn Rivers is responsible for establishing the city’s first professional risk, insurance, and safety program. She was recognized as PRIMA’s 2007 Public Risk Manager of the Year and has served as a member of PRIMA's Board of Directors from 2008 to 2012. Today, she is here to talk to us about  the PRIMA Institute 2017 (PI 17) educational program.

PI 17 is a week-long, intensive educational program serving as a confluence for practicing professionals and newcomers to meet and share their thoughts and experiences in public sector risk management. The daily sessions, including classes on safety and insurance in risk management, are led by PRIMA Institute’s experts and leaders in the industry. These sessions are coupled with early evening conversations among the attendees in an attempt to personalize the knowledge acquired during the day. This structure is geared to help attendees apply their newly acquired knowledge and exchanged ideas within their respective environments.

PRIMA Institute hosts risk managers from all across the experience spectrum. The seasoned professionals, who may find it easy to fall into the trap of a daily routine, are offered a fresh look at managing risks. Newcomers are also welcome and will appreciate the opportunity to learn both from expert lecturers as well as more experienced fellow attendees.

PI 17 will occur this October in San Antonio, TX. The following is a draft of the day-to-day curriculum at this year’s PRIMA Institute:

  • Monday - insurance and risk management; understanding risk and building programs; prevention and mitigation strategies
  • Tuesday - risk methodology; claims; accident analysis; safety committees; public relations as they pertain to risk
  • Wednesday – role play with a case study
  • Thursday – safety and emergency management
  • Friday – mental health in the workplace; workplace violence programs

For true learning to take place, expert lecturers are not enough. It is also necessary to provide a healthy environment comprised of people who share interests, have been through it all, and are willing to pass on knowledge. That is the aim of PI 17.