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Learn to Lead at PRIMA Institute 2016

Posted by Marilyn Rivers on May 31, 2016 at 3:28 PM

What is Prima Institute?

Prima Institute (PI) is the premier educational program for new risk managers as well as seasoned risk professionals who seek to learn more about emerging trends and best practices. It offers risk management professionals the opportunity to learn from each other about public risk management, communication and governance, to gain insight from other risk professionals experiencing similar challenges, and to have fun.

PI brings together everyone, from entry-level professionals to seasoned risk managers. Emphasis is placed on collaborative learning, building relationships and learning about innovative strategies. It also provides experiential learning that equips attendees with hands on experience and knowledge to assist them when they return to the office.

Who should consider attending?

Prima Institute brings together a diverse community that includes risk managers, human resources professionals, employee benefits coordinators, claims and underwriting personnel, financial professionals, insurance professionals, emergency management personnel, people in law enforcement, elected officials, public and private entities like water and sewer districts, and colleges and universities.

For those who are brand new to the public risk management field, PI provides a introduction to risk management. On other end of spectrum, people who have been in the industry for most of their lives come to get rejuvenated, to learn new innovations and to build relationships. The purpose of building the “Prima Family” at PI is to emphasize the idea that we’re all in this together to manage public risk.

What type of learning occurs?

Prima Institute is all about offering a multifaceted, interactive approach to learning. To that end, classroom lectures are structured into a Q&A format that provides plenty of personal interaction with instructors and attendees. Most people at PI spend the whole week together, which gives them the chance for continued discussion of issues that are central and important to everyone. The result is an explosion of knowledge that comes from everyone interacting with and challenging each other.

This year Prima Institute takes place in Pittsburg, PA, from October 24-28, 2016 and the curriculum is outlined below:

-Day one begins with an opportunity to interact and meet everyone. The topics covered include the basics of insurance and risk management, determining total cost of risk, certificates of insurance and indemnity relationships, safety leadership and dealing with difficult people.

-Day two covers risk methodology, including an introduction to enterprise risk management, property appraisals, and cyber and privacy liability.

-Day three covers the legal aspects of risk, including cyber risk, the future of cyber liability, litigation management and settlement, due diligence and employment practice.

-Day four covers risk financing, including workers compensation and claims management.

-Day five covers the subject of drones and the type of tools we need to manage this technology, as well as PTSD and active shooter situations.

The PI Family

People come back every year to Prima Institute to spend time with and learn from their peers, and importantly, because PI is fun. Over the years, it has developed into an incredible way for people to enjoy one-on-one learning opportunities by sharing ideas, experiences and frustrations. When you become a part of the PI Family, you'll discover that there is no issue that can’t be solved when we all put our heads together.


Forestine Carroll

August 19, 2016 at 3:27 PM

Excellent and great team work. Everyone one should list to it. I find it very inspirational for risk managers and informative. Kudos.